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2014 Trends in Christmas Lights

Winter is coming and the Christmas season is almost here. If you want to keep up on the latest trends for outdoor Christmas lights, then it's time to start planning. It may seem like you have a lot of time, but as soon as Halloween is over, it's time for Christmas lights! Creating bold, exciting outdoor Christmas lights can dramatically increase your curb appeal. Bright lights also do an incredible job of illuminating the sometimes dreary atmosphere of the winter season.

Christmas Décor Ottawa can help make sure your Christmas decorations are the talk of the town. Chic, simple designs look gorgeous against the glittering snow on your boughs and eaves. Find out how you can design a winter wonderland with the help of Christmas Décor Ottawa.

Peaceful paradise
If you want to create a home that looks gorgeous and peaceful over the long winter nights, use tranquil, pastel tones. These include white, pale blue, turquoise, and light green. If you choose this style, use minimalist lighting to maintain a peaceful tone. Avoid using brash and excessive Christmas lights for your Ottawa landscaping.

Fall in love with metallic
Shiny metallic and oversized styles are coming back in fashion, and outdoor Christmas lights are following this trend. Metallic accents and bright lights can give you that vintage look. Addition of oversized bows, large ornaments and wide ribbons will complete the look. For a pop of colour, include touches of red or green lights in your design from Christmas Décor Ottawa. Deep, emerald green contrasted with gold can offer a beautiful style, and even a bit of a Celtic charm.

Get creative with bold colours
The Christmas season is no longer limited to red, green, silver and gold. You can now bring in bright, bold colours and remain festive in the holiday spirit. Turquoise, crimson, pink, purple, and vibrant emeralds can look uniquely festive when blended with soft notes of gold, silver, and bronze. For example, deep plums mixed with silver or bronze forms a stylish and chic décor with Christmas lights that are unique for your home.

Tone down inflatables
Current trends for Christmas lighting in Ottawa are heading towards simple and classic. Fashion trends in outdoor Christmas lights are shifting away from overstated and aggressive décor toward the elegant and understated. If you've been a friend of the giant inflatables in the past, it may be time to pack away Rudolph and Frosty for this season.

Inflatables run the risk of creating a tacky, out-dated style for your home that can contrast unpleasantly with your sophisticated holiday Christmas lighting.

Instead, stick to vintage re-purposed décor, oversized bows and ribbons, garlands, and ornaments. If you want to bring back traditional, classic décor, try dried cranberry and popcorn garlands. These add a humble, homey look and will also make a happy stop for neighbourhood birds. Though these garlands are somewhat temporary, they're a fun craft for the whole family.

Create a stunning and festive design this holiday season with Christmas lights from Christmas Décor Ottawa. Receive your complimentary quote today!


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