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5 Cool Chandelier Ideas for Your Christmas Lights Ottawa

Snow has arrived in Ontario and it took some homeowners by surprise. Do you have your decorations up and your outdoor Christmas lights strung? If you don’t, don’t wait until the snow has covered every surface of your yard before you begin to string. Hanging lights after snow and ice has already covered the roof will be a dangerous situation, and with the snow falling so rapidly, you’re running out of time!

While you’re stringing your Christmas lights in Ottawa, why not make your décor a little more unique? Christmas lights look splendid with the use of holiday chandeliers. Outdoor chandeliers certainly have a singular effect that is sure to be unique for your home. Christmas Décor Ottawa has a couple ideas for this hot holiday trend in outdoor Christmas chandeliers to create an individual and creative design theme.

Garland wreaths
One of the most beautiful ways to decorate your home is to blend your outdoor Christmas lights with natural décor. Experiment with cedar boughs to create an incredibly elegant and whimsical chandelier for your Christmas lights Ottawa.

The first two things you need are cedar wreaths in two different sizes. Sixteen and twenty-two inch cedar wreaths are usually good sizes for elegant, graceful décor. You can make these yourselves, if you are crafty enough, or buy them if you want to save the hassle.

With the wreaths pointing face up, tie one end of 3 semi-wide satin ribbons in 3 separate points around the wreath. Tie them with large, classic bows. Pull the other end of the ribbons up and knot them together approximately a foot above the middle of the circle. Do the same with the larger wreath.

Place the larger wreath over the smaller wreath and tie together with another long strand of ribbon down the center of the wreaths. Hang up the chandelier with the top wreath’s ribbons.

Once you’ve hung the chandelier, you can wind outdoor Christmas lights around the wreaths. Strands of Christmas lights in the cedar boughs will illuminate your chandelier in a gorgeously vibrant yet graceful fashion.

This chandelier idea works beautifully with other natural items. Try with pine cones, winter flowers, mistletoe, cushion moss, oranges and dried cranberry wreaths, poinsettias, juniper, or Christmas Décor Ottawa suggests using fake flowers to prolong the life of the wreath.

Jewellery wreaths
If you’re looking for a bit of glam in your Christmas Décor Ottawa design, add in some glitter to your chandeliers. If you have a bit more ambition and considerably more time to spend on your Christmas lighting display, experiment with metal chandeliers!

Use metal wreaths and long strands of jewelled metal, such as glittering nickel strands. These strands draped down from the metal wreath in a thick curtain will create a gorgeous cascade of glimmering décor. String lights in among these to reflect off the metal. Try adding in glass beads, as well, to create an even more engaging illumination. Hanging these holiday chandeliers from trees or porches will make you the talk of the town this Christmas season!

Christmas lights always intensify the joy felt during the holiday season. Plan your own unique outdoor Christmas lighting display with a quote from Christmas Décor Ottawa today.

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