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5 Reasons why you need Christmas Décor Tree Service

Don't look now folks, but the winds of winter are coming to Ottawa. That means it's time to start decorating for the holidays!

Every year, Christmas Décor Ottawa transforms bare trees into breathtaking holiday displays. Whether a bushy evergreen or a bare oak that's been climbed up a few too many times, our team of professionals will work to get your property looking as festive and as lively as you see fit.

If you're looking for a tree decorating service that will inspire your holiday spirit without the fuss and risk of doing it yourself, then this service is for you!

Here are 5 Reasons why you need Christmas Décor Tree Service

All lights installed by trained specialists

Decorating your trees for the holidays should be an enjoyable task for all involved (unless you're Clark Griswold, of course). At Christmas Décor Ottawa, clients can count on our team's collective knowledge and experience in scheduling, design planning, efficient installation and removal, and client service when getting their trees decorated for the Christmas season. It's what we live for, after all!

With Christmas Décor Ottawa, all lights and décor are installed by our team of highly trained, fully-insured specialists (or elves, some might say). So sit back on the couch with some Christmas cookies and a glass of eggnog and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. The only reason you'll need to get up is to get more cookies!

Our truck reaches high heights

If you're having trouble reaching the top branches of your trees this season, have no fear. Christmas Décor Ottawa is here to help.

With our specialized lift truck that can safely reach even the tallest of trees on your property, our team of trained workers will be able to service your yard to the fullest - and highest - degree. With the help of our specialized truck, you won't need to be a Gee-Gees basketball player to bedazzle your tall, regal trees this Christmas.

Weekly inspection

The holiday season is a busy time for Canadians, that's for sure. When there's cooking, caroling and lots of last minute shopping to do, it's understandable that some people might forget to properly monitor their Christmas tree lighting in the weeks leading up to the big day. Ever bulb matters, after all!

At Christmas Décor Ottawa, we offer weekly inspections to ensure that your lights remain twinkling throughout the duration of the holidays. Help us help you become the holiday belle of the neighborhood this Christmas.

Reliable Replacements

Keeping your holiday trees bright and colourful are two of our top priorities at Christmas Décor Ottawa. If they aren't, then how can Santa possibly spot your house from thousands of kilometers away?

If you're noticing dim and fading bulbs on your property, there's no need to panic. Any unlit bulbs our team notices will replaced within 24-48 hours.

Freedom of colour

Holiday decorating is all about personalization. Some families like the look of an old fashioned white light, while others like their trees to be lit up with a myriad of colours. When it comes to Christmas decorating, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. That's what makes it such a special occasion!

At Christmas Décor Ottawa, we offer our clients a wide-ranging choice of colours and sizes to fit their holiday tree needs. If you want to alter your design or try something new, we're here to help you accomplish that vision.

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