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7 Reasons to Hire a Christmas Décor Company

Thinking about hiring a company to decorate the exterior of your home for Christmas but aren’t convinced? Let us help! Here are the top 7 reasons you should hire a lighting company like Christmas Décor Ottawa.


No Risk
Hanging Christmas lights can be risky business, especially if your home is two storeys or you have large trees. Hiring a professional company to hang your outdoor Christmas decorations means you don’t have to be the one climbing ladders or standing precariously on a snowy roof. There’s also no danger of getting shocked from a frayed wire or cut from a broken bulb or ornament. The professionals at Christmas Décor Ottawa are fully insured just in case.

Stay Trendy with a Great Design
Since most of us aren’t professional designers, especially when it comes to hanging holiday lights and decorations, it’s best left to the experts to create a show-stopping display.

The professionals at Christmas Décor Ottawa have decorated hundreds of homes, business, museums and parks in Ottawa and surrounding areas since 2002, so they make it their business to stay on top of the trends to ensure you have the best lighting display on your street. They will come to your home and give you a free estimate on a customized design for your property and tastes. They will hang lights on windows, facia and roof ridges of your home as well as trees, hedges and bushes. Plus, their design can involve more than just lights. They also offer pre-lit garlands, lush wreaths and beautiful bows in varying sizes. Do you have a unique design element in mind? Christmas Décor will work to make it happen!

Someone Else Does the Work
Do you hate dragging all your decorations out of the basement or attic, waste a whole weekend decorating only to have to reverse the process a couple of months later? Instead, you could spend time with family and friends, and enjoying the merriment of the holidays without thinking about hanging lights. Your time is valuable so it should be spent wisely!

After your initial consultation, Christmas Décor Ottawa custom designs where the outdoor lights and decorations will go around your home and gardens. You don’t have to be home when they come to put the decorations up so you can be surprised when you come home from work and it’s finished – and it looks fantastic!

At the end of the season, you can arrange with Christmas Décor Ottawa your ideal time for the decoration removal. Hate seeing decorations after New Year’s Day? Do you love to keep Christmas around until February? Either is no problem! Christmas Décor Ottawa works with you!

Save on Valuable Storage Space
Have you noticed how much stuff seems to get piled on top of all your holiday decorations between seasons and nothing seems to fit the same way when you try to put it all back, like a frustrating puzzle? When you pull your ornaments and strings of lights out of the boxes, inevitably something is broken even though it was fine when you put it away last year?

When you hire Christmas Décor Ottawa, they take care of all the storage, saving you valuable storage space in your basement, attic or storage unit.

No Maintenance Required
How frustrating is it when you finally get the big, tangled ball of stringed lights untangled and you plug it in and notice half of it is burnt out? Or everything looks like it’s working until you get it hung? Never will you have to do a run to the store for more strands of lights while in the process of hanging them on your roof.

When you hire a company like Christmas Décor Ottawa, you will never have to worry about broken bulbs or old, raggedy-looking garlands which refuse to stay properly hung.

Because the price you pay includes the décor, you are getting professional, high-quality products each and every season, and Christmas Décor ensures all their products work properly and look great. They also go above and beyond the initial installation – they include proactive maintenance calls throughout the holiday season to make sure your decorations look perfect – from day one to take down. Also, if you happen to notice an issue between maintenance calls, a friendly and professional service representative will be more than willing to help and arrange for a technician’s visit to your home.

Save on Your Hydro Bill
Light manufacturers make strides year over year in energy efficiency improvements, and always having the newest, most efficient lights will help keep your hydro bill in check. Christmas Décor Ottawa uses top quality LED lights which use only 2-17 watts of electricity (depending on the type of bulb), which is up to one-third less than traditional bulbs.

Plus, LED lights have come a long way since they were introduced, and are now able to provide a more brilliant light and Christmas Décor provides all the traditional colours including clear (shines white), red, green, blue and yellow.

Beyond using the most energy efficient lights on the market, Christmas Décor also provides hassle-free timers so that your lights will turn off and on whenever you desire. You don’t have to be bothered with forgetting to turn them off before heading to bed, or turning them on in the daylight so they shine if you’re out for the evening.

Increase Safety & Security Around Your Home
Having a brightly lit exterior is important to keep your walkways safe and visible for guests as well as deter any unwanted visitors at any time of year, and even more so over the holidays. Christmas Décor’s lighting design will keep these elements in mind so there will be no tripping and slipping hazards, and keep trespassers away.

Christmas Décor Ottawa provides all these benefits in their package price. Save time and energy by hiring an experienced company like Christmas Décor Ottawa to take care of your outdoor holiday decorating. Contact them now for your estimate!

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