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Back to Basics Christmas Décor and Lighting Tips for 2015

Ah, the days are growing shorter, the nights colder and longer, snow is starting to appear, geese are flying south (other than the freeloaders that are staying) and thoughts are turning once again to that most famous and festive of Holidays, Christmas 2015. Other than the ‘visual intrusion’ of the Wal-Marts of the world putting out all their Christmas hardware now, there are definitely more subtle and nuanced ways to approach Christmas.
The following ideas are a potpourri of some ‘back to basics’ tips to make your Christmas experience a memorable one:

White is In

The color white and all things white are one of the hottest trends for Christmas 2015. Unless you live in Florida and can only dream of a White Christmas, white brings strong emotions and memories of all things snow, and how appropriate for the Holiday Season. So go ahead, and decorate your Home with white, using a variety of objects, textures, and mediums. The limits are only within your imagination!

Everything Old is New Again

Despite our consumeristic obsessions with Smartphones and Apps, most of us nostalgically long for simpler times and slower times of Christmases past. And just like this nostalgia, many of us have Christmas items neatly stored away, in pristine condition, from Christmases past. (After all, they are usually used only once a year). Welcome the Season, with bringing out and adorning your home with gently used and yesteryear Christmas items. The sky is the limit. Old post cards, old Christmas ornaments, recycled Christmas mittens as stockings, and some previously loved Christmas items picked up from a charity store are sure to add some nostalgic Good Cheer to your Christmas ambiance.

Mix and Match Natural Elements with Created Accents

Why not bring inside some natural themes from Nature this Christmas? Combining natural, earthy décor to some artsy, creative décor, is another popular trend for Christmas 2015. How about frosted pine cones hanging as Christmas ornaments from your tree? Or golden brown chestnuts festooned with Christmas ornaments and garland? Or a crystal bowl full of dark, mottled pebbles sprinkled with artificial snow (by an open fire)? Let your imagination carry you into bold, unexplored territory creating a menagerie of natural and creatively textured contrasts.

Homemade is Best Made

If you’ve had your fill of manufactured and off-shore produced Christmas gifts as you head into another Christmas, why not bring it closer to home? Consider buying local, supporting local artisans and producers. Or even closer to home, why not consider home-made items that have that special touch. Home-made jellies and preservatives, handmade clothing items such as sweaters or socks, quilts, paintings, and the list goes on, provide a truly personal touch to Christmas giving.

For the Person who has everything

If that special person in your life has everything you can think of, why spend endless time and energy racking your brain as to what you can get them? Instead, consider charitable giving on behalf of that special person, as an alternative. Organizations such as Oxfam Canada, World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse and others have a variety of seasonal gift giving options that can make a real difference in the lives of those who are facing a much more challenging Christmas season this year.

Use LED lighting wherever possible

Nostalgia for Christmases past is one thing, but using obsolete, energy consuming incandescent Christmas lights is another. If you can financially afford it, consider replacing all your old Christmas lighting with the latest LED Christmas lighting technology. They use one third of the power of regular incandescent Christmas lights, come in a range of bright colors, and will help you avoid getting an unpleasant post-Christmas gift from your friendly neighborhood Hydro Company!

Use Candles safely

Speaking of lighting, never has there been a better time to take advantage of the beauty, diversity, and array of candle options available to today’s Christmas shopper. Candles offer an ambience and atmosphere that no other artificial lighting can come close to. From soy to naturally scented candles in every shape and color, all the way up to flickering LED candles, candle choices at Christmas make for some hard decision making. Please remember though to use candles safely and under supervision. House fires due to candles are one of the leading causes of death by fire, in North America. Treat them with respect!

Try some Heavy Metal

Another decorating trend for Christmas 2015 is the usage of copper and a range of other similar metallic colors and textures in your Christmas décor. If you have some old brass or copper items that are lying moldering or tarnishing in the lower basement somewhere, now is the time to clean them up and bring them forth for some original design accenting in your home.

To Tree or not to Tree

The natural verses the artificial tree debate continues for another year into Christmas 2015. If you simply cannot stand the hassle of putting a tree in your vehicle, and dragging and depositing needles all throughout your house, a natural tree is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you love the smell of real pine, are a dedicated plant waterer (yes, even cut trees drink a lot of water), and cannot stand the thought of a fake ‘petroleum’ tree in your living room, than a real tree is probably more in order. Be kind to nature and recycle your tree if you so purchase. Most municipalities offer free mulching services. On the other hand, new fibre optic light technology embedded into the artificial tree structures combined with an almost life like tree appearance, makes the decision this Christmas 2015 as to whether to go natural or not, all the more hard.

And lastly, for you trivia fans out there, it was Martin Luther of Germany who first came up with the idea of decorating trees for Christmas.

Have a Safe and Blessed Christmas 2015!

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