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Beautiful Christmas Lighting Photograph Ideas

The Christmas season is possibly the most beautiful time of year. Snow glistening off the branches, the fire roaring inside, Christmas lights glimmering off of every tree – just thinking about it warms our hearts. This season is the perfect time to take photographs for gifts or even just to decorate your own home for the holidays.  

If you’re not a professional photographer, it can be difficult to take the ideal photograph. If you’ve got a good camera, that’s the first step. But what’s the next? And how can you incorporate your outdoor Christmas lighting display without messing up the photo? Christmas Décor Ottawa has a few tips for you to take lovely family or scenic photos, and to even flawlessly include your Christmas lights around your Ottawa home in the shot.

Bokeh is beautiful
Bokeh is a technique that you’ve probably seen, but haven’t known it by its professional name. Bokeh photography is a technique that the photographer uses to focus in on one subject in the frame and leave the rest out of focus, or blurry. This looks absolutely incredible when used with outdoor Christmas lights. In fact, you’ve probably seen Bokeh photography used quite frequently in the Christmas setting images with lights.

To execute Bokeh, first you need to have a good lens and fast shutter speed on your camera. Next, get close to your subject so that you increase the distance between your subject and your background in the photograph’s frame. Focus in on your subject, and take the shot. Here’s a great article on “Bokeh for Beginners” to help anyone figure out exactly how to take an outstanding shot showcasing their Christmas lights Ottawa.

Turn on your flash
When taking a picture of your Christmas Décor Ottawa display during the day, make sure to use a flash. The flash on the camera will hunt out all of your shadows and unappealing dim spots in the scenery and fill them in. Flash will still allow for contrast in the shot, but it will also mean that the contrast between your outdoor Christmas lights and their surroundings is not too harsh.

Creative camera work
But if you want to get extra creative with your Christmas lighting photography, all you need to try is a slower shutter speed and use the zoom feature on your camera. Find your subject, slow down your shutter speed and get in place to take the shot you want. Once you’ve pressed the shutter, any movement will cause a trailing blur of the lights. Another technique is to zoom in or out a little bit to create a layered effect with your outdoor Christmas lights.

Both techniques will produce an artistic, abstract take on your Christmas Décor Ottawa display. It may take a little practice to get exactly the shot you want, but once it’s achieved, you’ll be happy you put the time in to capture that memorable holiday shot!

The first step is creating that amazing Christmas lighting display with the help of Christmas Decor Ottawa. Request a quote from Christmas Décor Ottawa today for the best outdoor Christmas lights in town!

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