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DIY Craft Projects with Ottawa Christmas Lights

Are you tired of holiday décor that must conform to the current trends for Christmas lighting? Sick of having the same old display year after year? It’s time to change things up a bit!

Spicing up your outdoor Christmas lights doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do from home that can create a more exciting Christmas lighting display without spending big bucks. These DIY projects do not require much skill in the world of craft – anyone can do them. If you do happen to be crafty, that’s an added bonus, and will offer your projects a little more style and pizzazz.

Whether you’re crafty or not, you no longer need to limit yourself to the traditional forms of outdoor Christmas lights. Here are a couple of ideas from Christmas Décor Ottawa to ignite your creative juices and jazz up your boring old strings, without breaking your budget.

Ping-pong balls are multifunctional
Sometimes, creating a whole new look simply requires a new perspective on old items. Don’t reinvent the wheel, instead re-imagine its potential. To create a fresh look on your Ottawa Christmas lights, get a pack of ping-pong balls. Maybe you already have some lying around.

Cut a hole in the bottom of each ball, about the size of a Christmas bulb. Then go through each strand of lights, putting the balls over top of the bulbs and gluing them on for security. These little ping-pong balls will transform your traditional Ottawa Christmas lights into globes of fun illumination. Who knew ping-pong balls had additional uses?

Transforming your windows
Do you have any windows that you can jazz up for the holidays? A fun way to create incredible outdoor Christmas lights is by adding in a few indoor Christmas lights to the display. A tree in the front window always looks beautiful, and firelight coming through the parlour is gorgeous. But these are classic examples that won’t introduce new effects to your décor.

A fun idea that can look absolutely elegant and intriguing is to form a star scattered look in your window. First, hang white tulle from your curtain rod down to the ground. Make sure there’s enough to allow the tulle to bunch and ruche slightly along the width of the window. You don’t want the tulle to be tightly pulled, but rather look draped and graceful.

Next, take strands of white Christmas lights, and drape them down in front of your window from the inside. Hang them relatively close to each other, so it looks almost like there are streams of Ottawa Christmas lights adorning the glass. Make sure that you have chosen lights that are safe against materials. The end result should be a splendid effect of starlight dancing behind a veil.

Look for inspiration
Inspiration for creative Ottawa Christmas lights is everywhere. Christmas Décor Ottawa has given you a couple examples of how you can add some pop to your lights, and both of these examples can be adapted to your own preferences. But how else can you rework old objects to transform your lights? Mason jars are great tools for creating “fairy globes” that can be put in trees and shrubs. You may impress yourself with the great ideas that you come up with!

Don’t wait until December to string those Ottawa Christmas lights. Receive your complimentary quote from the holiday pros at Christmas Décor Ottawa today and beat the holiday rush.

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