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Holiday Lighting Tips from Christmas Décor Ottawa

The holidays are here and the exciting part of winter begins! Decorations will start sprouting up around Ottawa homes soon enough. Many stores have already started selling decorations and outdoor Christmas lights. Now all that’s left to do is begin stringing them up!

When you start hanging your Ottawa Christmas lights, there are a couple dos and don’ts to remember that will help make your Christmas decorations that much better. Christmas Décor Ottawa has compiled a small list to help you create a gorgeous display in the safest way possible.

Measure before you buy
Before you buy your outdoor Christmas lights for this year, measure up your home and landscaping. This is especially important if you’ve moved into a new home since last Christmas, as you’ll be unfamiliar with the lengths required to string your lights. Your plan can have wiggle room for change and variations, but it should allow you to get at least a general idea of how many lights you’ll need for the display you desire.

Shop smart
These days, everything is headed in the “green” direction – even Christmas lights. Outdoor Christmas lights can cause a hefty increase on your monthly hydro bill, and if you want to keep your gorgeous display without breaking your budget, you’ll want to shop smart.

Have you invested in the LED lights yet? LEDs are definitely all that they’re touted to be, and probably that much more. LED outdoor Christmas lights can save you substantial amounts of money each month on your hydro bills. They also last longer than traditional bulbs so that you don’t need to worry about annual replacement, which effectively saves you money in yearly start up costs. LEDs come in all colours and styles and are Christmas Décor Ottawa approved!

You may also want to consider trying solar powered lights. These eliminate the chaos of cords, and also help you with your lighting schedule. Solar powered Christmas lights turn on and off automatically with the dawn and dusk, and best of all – no hydro costs!

Use the right cord
At Christmas Décor Ottawa, we understand that safety is an essential part of enjoying your outdoor Christmas lights to the maximum. When you’re stringing up your Ottawa Christmas lights, make sure to use the right extension cord, as well as the right number of extension cords. Avoid connecting more than 3-5 strings of outdoor Christmas lights to an extension cord. You don’t want to have any breaker blowouts or dangerous electrical fiascos.

While you’re at it, make sure to replace any broken bulbs or wires to avoid safety hazards.

Bring in the pros
You’ve got enough on your plate this holiday season. Between planning Christmas dinner and holiday parties - to buying gifts for the whole family and picking the perfect tree. Why tack on more pressure with having to string the outdoor Christmas lights to an already stressful and overburdened To Do List?

Hire the pros at Christmas Décor Ottawa. We can make sure the job gets done beautifully, and safely. Receive your complimentary quote from Christmas Décor Ottawa today before the big December rush hits, and make the holidays shine this year!

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