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Light Up Your Trees with Christmas Décor Ottawa

Even though this winter’s weather has been far from consistently snowy, you can still create a winter wonderland in your yard with Christmas Décor Ottawa. All it takes is a couple of well-placed decorations and properly strung outdoor Christmas lights. Just in case you missed a chance to bring in the Christmas lights Ottawa pros to string your lights for you, you’ll want to know how to properly adorn your yard so that you still get a professional look.

Trees are one of the hardest aspects of your yard to properly string with Christmas lights. Christmas Décor Ottawa has heard the grumbles from homeowners who have finally become so frustrated that they just give up. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap! Here’s how Christmas Décor Ottawa properly strings outdoor Christmas lights on trees. In this article, you’ll also learn how to construct a tree using only outdoor Christmas lights, hooks and a basketball pole.

Wrapping trees with Christmas lights
Over the winter months, the most depressing part of the scenery is the bare branches of the trees in the neighbourhood. Add a little cheer with outdoor Christmas lights. The most beautiful way to dress up a sad, bare tree is by winding your Christmas lights around the trunk and branches.

The first two things you need to do is measure your tree and choose your lights. It’s always better to measure when stringing outdoor Christmas lights so that you don’t get stuck with a half-finished tree. Then make sure that all your lights are in perfect working condition. It’s a pain to have to go back up to the tree later in the season to repair bulbs and strands.

Next, ball your Christmas lights Ottawa up so that you can unravel it like yarn around your tree. When you begin to unravel the lights, begin at the very base of the trunk, leaving the male plug out to connect to an extension cord. Steadily walk around your tree, wrapping the lights about 2 to 4 inches apart. Make sure to wrap tightly enough that the lights stay in place, but not so tight that you’ll risk damage.

When you reach the branches, simply make sure that there’s double the amount of room in between your rings to circle your strands back down the branch and continue wrapping the rest of the tree.


The basketball tree
Posts and poles from summer activities seem so aesthetically unappealing in the winter months. Change this up by creating a tree out of the structures. Grab a couple of lighting clips (such as those used to attach lights to the eaves trough), ground pegs, and a few 100-bulb 50-foot strands of lights.

Attach a hook to each strand after the 25th bulb and another after the 75th. Take your first strand and peg the male plug on the ground a couple feet away from your post. Pull the strand up, and attach the hook after the 25th bulb to the top of the post. Continue to pull the string back down to the ground and peg it in a couple feet away from the beginning of the strand. Pull the string across the ground the same width as between the beginning of your string and the second ground hook, and peg it into the ground again. Then, pull the string back up to the top of post and attach the hook that comes after the 75th bulb. Tighten the remainder of the string to the ground and peg it in. Continue this pattern with the next 1 or 2 strings of lights until you have a tree!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to request an estimate from Christmas Décor Ottawa. Request yours today for a last minute Christmas lighting display that will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

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