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Make Your Business Shine with Christmas Décor

When you own a business, it can be enough to just keep up with the day to day tasks of being a business owner, let alone think about keeping up with the changing seasons. You want your business to stay above the competition and make it stand out above the rest and one way to do this is to decorate for the holidays. But who, as an owner, has the time and energy? And do you really want to take your staff away from their work to spend their day decorating?

Let the Experts Help
This is where Christmas Décor Ottawa can help. Thom Brown and his professional designing and decorating team have been creating magical and elegant exterior Christmas experiences for home and business owners around Ottawa for over 7 years. If you drove by Ottawa’s City Hall or the Museum of Civilization, you may have seen their handiwork and creativity. Not only will your business look festive by day, but it will be even more eye-catching at night with beautiful Christmas lights hanging cheerfully from your roofline, around windows or covering your exterior landscaping.

Decorating your business has never been easier since Christmas Décor Ottawa does the job from start to finish, including design, installation, maintenance and removal. You don’t even have to there! They will schedule their installation at a time which works best for you so they will be inconspicuous and not in the way of you and your customers or clients. It may even look like a team of elves came from the North Pole and changed your business into a Christmas wonderland overnight!

Where to Start
One simple, easy phone call gets the ball rolling where you’ll speak with our Master Coordinator who will get a few details before scheduling one of our Christmas Décor Specialists to visit your business. During that initial free consultation, we will discuss options to create a one-of-a-kind look for the exterior of your business and the top-quality and professional-grade products we have to accomplish that.

We offer decorating on various parts of your building including windows, facia and eaves as well as highlight any landscaping you have including trees, bushes or hedges. If you aren’t décor-inclined, our design specialists will give suggestions. For instance, it’s best to decide on a colour theme, such as red and gold or silver and blue if you are going for an elegant look. If festive and fun is what you’re after, consider multi-coloured strands of lights. Trees can look beautiful when covered in lights, but no longer are they just for evergreens. Consider wrapping just the tree trunk, or extend into the branches, or use a canopy wrap to cover the tops. Everyone is unique and we want your business to reflect that.

How It Works
No longer will you have to check all the strands of lights for that one burned out bulb or try to make the scruffy fake evergreen garland look full and real. You don’t even have to take up valuable storage room for outdoor holiday lights and other decorations because Christmas Décor provides everything for you! This way, you get decorations that you know will look great and work every time.

To help save you money, Christmas Décor Ottawa uses only the most energy efficient LED lights which glow brilliantly with their extended life bulbs. You can choose from many different colours including red, green, yellow, blue and clear (white), but are more than willing to work with your vision if it extends to some unique colours.  We also use the highest rated CSA and UL-rated outdoor extension lights to ensure top functionality and safety. Property-friendly installation accessories are used to avoid any damage to the exterior of your business. Unless you are creating a massive Christmas wonderland around your business, no additional power source should be required or electrician needed.

All of our custom packages come with timers for all the lights so there’s no worrying about remembering to turn the lights on and off, especially for those days when your business is closed before the sun goes down, or on the weekends.

Not only does Christmas Décor Ottawa provide beautiful lighting arrangements, they also have various bows, pre-lit garlands and lush, green wreaths all in different colours and sizes. If you have other ideas for outdoor decorations, we will do our best to make your vision come to life.

Fully Guaranteed
While we fully inspect our products and lights before we arrive at your business, we know that issues can arise and sometimes you can’t predict the weather or other circumstances. Because of this, we offer comprehensive maintenance packages throughout the season on all lights and decorations. Just call one of our friendly service representatives and they will send someone out as soon as possible. We go a step further, however by providing proactive maintenance visits to make sure that your business looks great from the time we install to the time we take them down. We also don’t use our customer’s lights and decorations as they aren’t covered by our warranty and we want everything to look perfect, throughout the day and night.

Speaking of taking the decorations down, we work entirely with your schedule for the removal to ensure the experience is as convenient and out of the way as possible. Barring extreme Canadian weather, we can remove everything within a few days of the holiday, or extend beyond that if you wish to celebrate into the New Year. Though we are fully insured, we want to keep our Specialists safe, so if there are lights and decorations on the roof, we wait until it’s safe to remove those.

Even though Halloween is just over, it’s not too early to book that initial free, no obligation, consultation since the weeks get busier for everyone the closer it gets to Christmas. Remember that Christmas should be a time of celebration and festivities with family and friends, co-workers and employees. Don’t let the thought of decorating tie you down. Let Christmas Décor Ottawa help!

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