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Take Down and Store Your Outdoor Christmas Lights Properly

It's hard to believe it, but the holiday season is already in full swing and will be over before we know it. It feels like we just put up our Christmas lights! As much of a hassle as it was to string your outdoor Christmas lights, taking them back down and storing them can be an even bigger annoyance. Of course, there are always techniques you can use to store your lights without breaking any of them – that is, if you didn't get Christmas Décor Ottawa lights for your yard. While getting the professionals to take care of the pain of putting up and taking down your Christmas lights is the most efficient, you can always manage it on your own. Here are some tips from Christmas Décor Ottawa to keep your lights safe and your frustration low.

Don't wait too long
The first thing to remember is that you don't want to wait too long to take down your Christmas lights in Ottawa. No one wants to be the homeowner with lights still up at the end of January! The task also seems to become more and more daunting as the season draws on. If you can, take your lights down a day or two following New Year's Eve. Prepare with salt or sand and grip pads on the rungs of your ladder to avoid danger.

Embrace tension rods
Tension rods are a great investment in storage for your outdoor Christmas lights. These fit perfectly inside storage bins, which can likely fit two rods lengthwise. Use the rods as a post around which you can wrap your outdoor Christmas lights to keep them tangle-free and safe. Most rods are long enough that you can wrap several strings around each one. This means that you could store as many as a dozen strings of Christmas lights in one storage bin, without having to sort through the knots and broken bulbs next holiday season.

As a hint – you may have an easier time first wrapping the strings around your forearm before transferring them to the rod. Once they've all been transferred, you can fit in the rods before placing the lights in the storage bins.

Baggies are great for storage
If you have fewer lights and minimal space, storing your lights in bags is another great way to keep your outdoor Christmas lights tangle-free. You can store these bags in smaller bins or even in drawers without requiring any tension rods. Label each bag with the place where each individual strand is usually strung (doorway, front window, back tree) to help with organization and décor planning.

Cardboard wraparound
Another simple but effective storage technique is to use rectangular cardboard sheets. Wrap your strands around the lights like a bolt of fabric. These can then be stacked into drawers or storage bins to keep the lights safe from exterior damage.

But why not cut the hassle and call in Christmas Décor Ottawa! Make your appointment with Christmas Décor Ottawa for free consultation. Happy Holidays!

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