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The Benefits of Adding Holiday Lighting to Your Business

As a business owner, the holiday season is a unique opportunity to spread cheer and capitalize on the increased consumer traffic and activity. Adding tasteful and attractive lights to your business can showcase your holiday spirit, attract consumers to your store front and increase sales. "The more lights my clients put up, the more traffic they tend to get," explained Kevin Wineinger, owner of Christmas Decor by Great Estates LLC. Investing in commercial holiday lighting for your business is no pain and all gain. There are many benefits you can experience by spreading a little holiday cheer.

1. Commercial Lighting is Cheaper than You Think

When you choose to decorate your storefront with commercial holiday lighting, you are getting a better-quality product without the higher price. At Christmas Decor, we supply contractors with LED bulbs that shine bright and last long.

Compared to incandescent holiday lighting, LED holiday lighting uses 50% less energy which makes little-to-no impact on your energy bill. With affordable installation prices and no increase in your monthly spending, commercial lighting can fit into any businesses' budget.

2. You Avoid Looking Like the Grinch

Many consumers' moods transcend to a cheerful state during the holidays. The consumers who get into the holiday spirit often look for businesses evoking a similar sentiment. With holiday lighting, your business can fit in with others on your street or stand out.

Holiday lighting can gain attention as well as showcase your holiday spirit. Admiring lights during the holiday has become a tradition. The more people that stop to admire your Christmas display means more people will visit your business.

3. You Receive the Gift of Easily Attained Goals

Contractors are interested in what you want to achieve with your holiday lighting. Wineinger works with his commercial clients to reach a common goal.

"With my McDonalds account, I know they need to sell 184 combo meals before they make any money for the day. By bringing in traffic with holiday lighting and decor, they can reach their daily goals easier," explained Wineinger.

By understanding his client's needs and goals, he has a better sense of the amount of lighting that is required to attract guests. You can boost your sales as well with the right holiday lighting and decorating.

If you are interested in seeing an increase in business while showcasing your Christmas cheer, holiday lighting may be the answer. Find a lighting contractor in your area by clicking here!

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