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Why you should decorate your property with LED Lights

What would the holiday season be without bright, beautiful lights? Boring, that's what!

At Christmas Décor Ottawa, we make it our mission to ensure that our clients have the brightest and longest-lasting holiday lights available. That's why we recommend that you use LED lights to lively up your home or business this year.

Forget about grandma's favourite incandescent bulbs . they're the way of the past. Decorate your home or business with LED lights and watch the holiday cheer come rolling in.

This is a no-hassle service - we take care of everything. From design, installation and maintenance to removal and storage. If your holiday wish is a stunning, one-of-a-kind lighting display for your home or business, LED Lights from Christmas Décor Ottawa is the way to go.

Here's why you should decorate your property with LED Lights this Christmas season

It's energy efficient

LED commercial grade lights are 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs - and they offer brighter, more brilliant colours. They also use 90% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, and because they last longer, there is less waste going into our landfills post- Christmas fun. Brighter, bolder, and more environmentally friendly? Sign us up!

It has various features

It's well-known versality is another big draw for LED lights. With net lights that you can throw over the top of a tree to cover its hard-to-reach branches or trunk wraps which can go around your larger base tree trunks, LED lights offer something different for everyone.

If you have a funky vision or just want to go with a traditional holiday display, LED lights are the right choice for you. Trust us, you'll make like Paul McCartney and have a 'Wonderful Christmastime' if you choose to go with LED lights this year.

Weekly inspections

Having the brightest or most colourful lighting display on the block during the holidays is a source of pride for many Canadians. If you want your holiday lights to sparkle all season long, book with Christmas Décor Ottawa and leave the hard work to us.

There will be no need to keep watch outside the door, either. Any unlit bulbs that you see are replaced by us within 24-48 hours!

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