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The World’s Most Impressive Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas comes and goes before we know it, and chances are, your neighbourhood is adorned with beautiful displays of outdoor Christmas lights. Homeowners spend weeks putting up their Christmas lights in Ottawa to try to get the best display in town. But if you think you and your neighbours went all out, wait until you discover these homes and locales across the world that have gone to all new levels of outdoor Christmas lighting extravaganza.

Christmas Décor Ottawa investigated some of the most extravagant displays in the world. Here are our findings about some of the most gorgeous outdoor Christmas lights. If you haven’t already strung your Christmas lights, maybe you can use these as inspiration.

The Richards Family
After reading about this family, you may feel the desire to run around your neighbourhood grabbing lights from your neighbours just to compete with the Richards. With more than 502,000 lights adorning their property, the Richards family won the 2013 Guinness World Record for highest quantity of outdoor Christmas lights of any residential property on earth. Talk about impressive!

Not only is the Richards family lighting up their neighbourhood in Australia with a delightful dose of Christmas cheer, but they have also used this as an opportunity to raise money for charity. Each year, despite the $2,500 a month increase in their hydro, the family continues to string their lights to fundraise for SIDS and Kids. They’ve embraced the true meaning of holiday giving.

Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Though it’s true that most of us hope for a white Christmas (and certainly expect it in Ottawa), the homeowners of Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong, Philippines create their own holiday spectacle.

The homeowners on this street devote their homes to outdoor Christmas lights throughout the holiday season. Every homeowner creates lavish displays that allow the entire street to light up like a treasure chest of stars. With millions of bulbs across the street, this is certainly a community Christmas extravaganza that’s tough to match with any amount of Christmas lights.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
Another neighbourhood that just can’t get enough of Christmas is Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, New York. Endearingly nicknamed Dyker Lights, this Italian-American neighbourhood goes all out – not just outdoor Christmas lights, but decorations and hired Santas, too! While you walk through the neighbourhood to enjoy the lights, talk to the Santas and characters that have been hired hand out candy to pedestrians. As well as the sights and tastes of sweets, Dyker Heights ignites all your senses with the brass bands that fill the streets with holiday song.

Of course, to have beautiful Christmas lights in Ottawa, you don’t need to have the most extravagant lighting display in town. Christmas Décor Ottawa can help you create a display that’s elegant, classy, and shows a splendid burst of holiday cheer.

If your neighbourhood is feeling festive, why not get the rest of the homeowners in your area to organize a community Christmas lights project? Who knows – maybe you’ll be on the most beautiful Christmas lights list for next year!

Get your complimentary estimate today from Christmas Décor Ottawa. It’s never too late to add some colourful festive cheer to your home and neighbourhood. Happy Holidays!

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