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The Dos and Don'ts of Outdoor Holiday Lights

The holiday season is supposed to put you in a happy mood. The weather is brisk and fresh. The stores are decked out in all of their finery. The streets are lit up with beautiful holiday lights. Everything looks picture perfect.

Except for your yard, that is.

If you find yourself more feeling frustrated instead of festive this time of year, it could be time to cut yourself some slack. If you dread purchasing, stringing and storing your Ottawa outdoor holiday lights and décor every year, stop! Why torture yourself when you can simply hire Christmas Décor to take care of all your holiday decorating needs? Our Ottawa outdoor holiday lighting services are easy and affordable – just give one of our technicians a call to set up a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

Determined to tackle your Ottawa outdoor holiday lighting project on your own? Best of luck! Here are a handful of tips from our lighting experts to help you keep your temper in check and your sanity in sync.

1. DO: Plan your lighting purchase ahead of time.

Take the time to plan ahead and measure your home before heading to the seasonal lighting section of your local hardware store. One of the easiest ways to ensure you purchase the perfect amount of lights is to refer back to your home’s blueprints or floor plans. Can’t find your copies? Then grab a measuring tape and start recording some numbers.

2. DO: Be a good neighbour and keep your lights focused.

Plan your Ottawa outdoor holiday lighting arrangement so that it’s pleasing for both you and your neighbours. Imagine how you would feel if green and red spot lights were shining straight into your living room for six weeks of the year? Never assume that your lighting design is perfectly placed. Instead, ask your neighbours if any of your lighting fixtures are causing them unnecessary harm. The last thing anyone wants to do during the holiday season is begin a battle that could last all year long.

3. DON’T: Have an unpacking accident.

Remember how impatient you were last year when it came time to put your Ottawa outdoor holiday lights back into storage… specifically those smashing noises that occurred when you stuffed your lights into the oversized storage container? When you’re getting your old lights out from storage, remember to be extra careful and to watch out for broken glass. If you see any damaged bulbs, remember to replace them right away.

4. DON’T: Put too much stress on your extension cord.

Your average indoor extension chord is not going to cut it when it comes time to power your Ottawa outdoor holiday lighting system. Now’s the time to invest in a heavy-duty extension option; our lighting experts recommend a 14-gauge cord for 25+ feet of stringed lights. What’s more, make sure you grab a cord that’s rated for outdoor use (these normally have a “W” marked on the package. To avoid overloading your new extension cord, limit your lighting design to five strings per cord.

5. DO: Opt for energy efficient options.

If you’re committed to managing your holiday décor from here on in, now’s the time to invest in LED holiday lights. This lighting type last longer, shines brighter and uses less energy than traditional bulbs.

Our number 1 holiday lighting recommendation? Calling Christmas Décor to book your free consultation now! Our number is 613.317.2340. Don’t delay – book your outdoor lighting installation today!

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