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Five Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights

Oh, the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… until it’s time to deck the halls and hang the lights. Embellishing your yard and home with holiday lights can be a tricky undertaking, especially when it’s cold and snowy. Before you grab a ladder and start stringing your holiday lights, take a few tips from our Ottawa Christmas lighting experts and keep the following guidelines and precautions in mind:

1. It Starts With a Plan

A cohesive Ottawa Christmas lighting design requires a little bit of forethought and planning. In order to get your creative juices flowing, take an evening and really look at your house from the street. Consider where and how you’d like to light your home to look. Make note of any eaves, pillars, posts, windows, or other architectural features that could be worth accenting. Next, make note of any bushes, trees, window boxes, planters or paths that could benefit from a little extra light. You might even want to take a few pictures in order to have a visual handy throughout the design process.

2. Remember to Balance Things Out

Everyone hangs Ottawa Christmas lights on their roofline. However, very few people think to balance this out by adding lighting elements down below. Our professional Ottawa Christmas lighting experts always recommend balancing your outdoor display with some subtle path lighting. This helps to flesh out the entire scene, providing a more aesthetically pleasing final design.

3. Don’t Forget About Your Backyard

Planning to host a holiday party or two during the Christmas season? Then don’t forget to decorate your backyard as well. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of eggnog indoors and looking out into the yard, or participating in an impromptu snowball fight, backyard lighting will help illuminate the space and extend your festive feeling even further.

4. Measure

Want to save yourself hours of frustration? Then invest in a measuring tape and spend a few minutes mapping out just how many lights you’re going to need. Not sure how to estimate the amount of lighting that you’ll need for your trees? Our Ottawa Christmas lighting design experts recommend multiplying the height by the width, then doubling that to figure out the approximate square footage.

5. Assess and Ensure Your Safety

Before you tackle your Ottawa Christmas lighting design, make sure to check that all of your lights and cords are in good working condition and rated for outdoor use. What’s more, never connect different types of lights on the same circuit as this could cause a short. When hanging your lights, always be cautious and never work alone. Avoid decorating trees that touch power lines and never, ever stand on the top rung of the ladder. No one wants to spend the holiday season in the emergency room, after all!

Need some help tackling your Ottawa Christmas lighting display this year? Well, you’re in luck! Now’s the perfect time to contact the experts at Christmas Décor and book your professional lighting consultation. Call 613-317-2340 to secure your reservation now.

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