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Holiday Lighting Ideas for Your Roof

Designing the perfect outdoor holiday lighting display isn’t easy. In fact, it involves quite a bit of artistic expertise. This is because there are so many areas that need to be considered when pulling a holiday lighting design together. From natural landscape features, like trees and shrubs, to walkways and architectural elements, there are a lot of factors that play into your final Ottawa holiday lighting design.

Not surprisingly, the roof of your Ottawa home plays prominently into any holiday lighting plan. As such, it’s important to consider its design early in the illumination process. From steep peaks to straight edges, here are a handful of Ottawa holiday lighting ideas for you to keep in mind when talking with one of our festive lighting specialists.

First, A Word About Safety
While having a steep roof shouldn’t stop you from hanging holiday lights, it should cause you to pause and consider your safety. While you can opt to hang the lights on your own, you’ll be much better off simply contacting an expert at Christmas Décor. Our professional Ottawa holiday lighting service has the equipment and training needed to tackle even the steepest of roofs. So why risk your safety? Call our office at 613.317.2340 to book your holiday lighting installation today.

Reach New Heights with Your Lights
Adding holiday lighting to the roof of your Ottawa home is a quick and easy way to define your home’s outline and shape. While most homeowners settle for simply stringing lights along their eaves, our Ottawa holiday lighting experts prefer to take things one step further, outlining the ridge of a rooftop with lights. This attention to detail creates a look that’s polished and precise – perfect for impressing the neighbours!

Find the Look That’s Right For You
The trick with roof lighting is that it needs to compliment the rest of your Ottawa holiday lighting scheme. Too much colour (or not enough) could leave your display looking a little strange. Avoid an unbalanced look by planning your roof lighting style in concert with the rest of your Ottawa holiday lighting services. By doing so, you’ll be able to select a lighting foundation that works perfectly with your preferred festive feel.

Lighting Idea #1 – White LED Lights
Go for a clean and crisp look this holiday season with a bright white outdoor lighting display. Our Ottawa holiday lighting experts recommend using a larger LED light in order to achieve a look that’s soft, but still visible from the road. Once your roof is fully decked, don’t forget to incorporate some complementary ground lighting, such as walkway illumination and tree wraps. Clear or warm white LED light works best if you’re hoping to achieve a soft white hue, while cool white LEDs provide more of an ice white colouring.

Lighting Idea #2 - Candy Cane Inspiration
Let your inner sweet tooth shine through in your Ottawa holiday lighting design by choosing a red and green or red and white LED lighting theme. Consider outlining the roof and windows with these lights as well as swapping in some coloured landscape lighting spotlights. These traditional lighting themes are a classic favourite and sure to catch the attention of motorists passing by.

Lighting Idea #3 – A Splash of Colour
Multi-coloured holiday lighting designs can look great, provided the bulbs are evenly spaced. This makes for a stunning display, especially when the lights are used to line your home’s roof ridge. Experiment with single, double, or potentially even triple colour pattern sequences to find a look that you love.

Turn the roof of your Ottawa home into a holiday hideaway. Book your Ottawa holiday lighting service from Christmas Décor today! Our installation calendar is booking up fast, so don’t delay – call 613.317.2340 today!

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