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Holiday Decorating Trends for 2012

Don't let your Ottawa Christmas lights fall behind the times.  Keep up on the current trends in holiday styles.  When you hire Christmas Décor for holiday light installations in Ottawa, your home is sure to look elegant and appealing all season long. 

Spread the love to Mother Nature too
LED lighting has made its way into the world of holiday lighting displays.  These eco-friendly bulbs save money on your energy bill, while contributing to the quality of your green thumb.  To add even more benefits, LEDs are safer for your home.  Because they don't emit much heat, they are less likely to start a fire than regular Christmas lights. 

Some homeowners worry about the bright glaring light emitted from LEDs.  However, as technology has improved, so too has the design of these lights. LEDs are now available in much softer hues.  Regardless, their bright speckles in the dark night will guide your holiday guests to your party safely and beautifully. 

Neutral décor
The 2012 holiday season is bringing with it a wider attempt at acceptance and inclusivity.  As such, Christmas décor that is not purely based on religious holiday theme is making a big resurgence.  Some homeowners even try to include decorations and displays to recognize other religious holidays for a global approach to decorating. 

Expansive colour palettes
More and more people are longing for the old-fashioned big-bulb lighting that used to be so prominent in Christmas lights in Ottawa.  Bright, multi-coloured lights are coming back into style for the nostalgia of the good old days.  You can always combine these with plain white lights to make sure they aren't too "in your face", without taking away the colour from your display.

Blue lights have also made an appearance.  These cool little shimmers in the white atmosphere give a beautiful, otherworldly quality to your holiday lighting display.  This is a modern touch that is surprising and elegant in the snow. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, warm yellows bring a sense of candlelight and sunlight to the dreary white winter nights.  Mixing with gold and white can bring a gorgeous, cheery, and classic look to your property. 

Decorations that shimmer in the night like some sort of ethereal snow have come into style.  Sparkling whites and silvers in garlands bring an enigmatic feel to your home.  Mix these in with red or the blues, and you have a beautiful design. 

Stick with a style
Themes and cohesive styles are becoming huge in the world of holiday decorations.  Homeowners are going with a specific theme for all of their Christmas lights in Ottawa, and matching decorations.  Get inventive.  This could be anything from garlands and ferns, to classic gold and red, to green and silver.  Maybe you want artistic, cool, elegant, classic, or rustic.  Find your style, and show it off to all your holiday guests with your holiday light installation. 

Look at our gallery for ideas about styles and cohesive themes for your own holiday lighting display. 

Recycling the old
Homemade decorations recycled from older pieces with a mixture of household items are a trend for this season.  Create wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and mantelpieces out of old ribbons, bows, branches and other things around the home.  These craft ideas can be found online.  You can make almost anything in any style out of objects that you already have lying around the house. 

Don't deal with the hassle of holiday light installation.  Bring in the professionals for a classy and gorgeous style.  Contact Christmas Décor Ottawa today for your complimentary quote to get started on your Christmas lights before the December rush!

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