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I just wanted to let you know that the Christmas lights look beautiful. I love them, and people are slowing down just to look at my home. The technicians that did the installation were very nice and professional.
Mrs C
Gloucester, ON

Christmas Decor is very accommodating and will come back to redo the connections to meet my preference; and the continual monitoring is timely and much appreciated.
Once you use Christmas Decor there is no going back.
Ottawa, On

Thank you to your Christmas Décor team. My house looks great, and my husband was very happy and surprised by the lights. He is very happy he didn't have to install the lights himself. Thanks again for all your help.
Judy K
Kanata, ON

The technicians Nic and Kendra did an amazing job decorating our tree. I am getting notes in my mailbox from neighbours telling me how nice my home looks. People are also knocking on the door, and my husband is so happy with all of the attention we are receiving from the Christmas lights. Thank you so much once again.
Mrs H
Gloucester, ON

Courtney and Brian are great representatives of your company. They were pleasant throughout the day, and they took their time and did an amazing job. We could not be happier with the service. Thank you.
Joan M
Orleans, ON

The trees look so great, I can’t even lie and claim I did it. I love the fact there are so many lights you can’t even see lines of the trees. Thank you, and I can’t wait to expand on it later on.
Brad W
Kanata, ON

Other people on my street have tried to do their own Christmas lighting this season, but it doesn’t compare to what you do. The time, patience, and care you put into your work shows and are very much appreciated.
Peter M
Ottawa, ON

As much as I hate to admit it, I love the lights. I get a lot of comments from my neighbours, so that’s why I really love them.
Lorne B
Nepean, ON

Thank you to the Christmas Decor team. The house looks great again this year, and we are very pleased with the service.
Judy K
Kanata, ON

The Christmas Decor lights look spectacular this year. It looks so elegant and really adds a lot to the front of our home. It was exactly the right choice.
Corina G, on behalf of
The Rockcliffe Retirement Residence
Ottawa, ON

Thank you very much for holding a Christmas Decor spot open for me this year, it was much appreciated.
Anna G
Nepean, ON

The red and white lights look incredible. I am so happy we got the Christmas Decor service again this year. We are very happy and my parents love the tree you designed for them. Great job and thank you again.
John B., on behalf of
JT Bradley’s
Navan, ON

Lights look fantastic again this year. Thank you.
Grace G
Carp, ON

Lights look great.  Thank you. 
Jack M
Kanata, On

Thank you very much to the Christmas Decor department staff and crew. We very much appreciated the work. The decorated trees up the ramp and around the circle looked stunning this morning.
Lisa c/o Sakto Management Services
Ottawa, ON

Smile every night when I get home and the lights are on...perfect way to end the day!
Design is great...lots of options presented...my neighbours always comment on how great they look.
Christmas Decor is very accommodating and will come back to redo the connections to meet my preference; and the continual monitoring is timely and much appreciated.
Once you use Christmas Decor there is no going back:-)
Mrs Campbell
Kanata ON  K2M 2K9

The lights look fantastic and we are getting a lot of customers commenting thank you.
Mid East Food Center
Margo Njaim
1010 Belfast Ave
Unit 140
Ottawa ON  K1G 4A2

We had our trees decorated this year, and we are very happy and they turned out great. Thank you.
Niki S
Kanata, ON

Now that the lights are plugged in, the trees look great. We look forward to adding even more trees to our Christmas Decor package next year.
Taggart Realty Management Inc
Ottawa, ON

The Christmas Decor lights look great and people have been stopping, slowing down, and taking pictures. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Fiona G
Ottawa, ON

The new twinkle lights are incredible. We love that we can change them every day. The rest is great as well, and we really like that you have new options each year and you make us aware of them. Thank you.
Lynne L
Cantley, QC

The trees look great. I look forward to adding more next year.
Mike D
Kars, ON

Rogers House is the best lit house on the block! We are the envy of all our neighbours. Thank you! Your continued support and generous gift of lighting up our pediatric palliative home is tremendously appreciated. Merry Christmas to all!
Lisa B, on behalf of
Rogers House
Ottawa, ON

The Christmas lights look fantastic, thanks so much! Thank you also for the excellent customer service and generous gestures to make us happy. I really appreciate your efforts to make our experience a good one. Your professionalism exceeded my expectations, and the Christmas Decor service continues to impress me.
Anne S
Ottawa, ON

The Christmas lights this year are exceptional!
Elizabeth G
Nepean, ON

The Christmas lights came on and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you!
Nancy N
Manotick, ON

The Christmas lights that you put up around the city are beautiful. I always enjoy talking to the lawn technicians when they are on my lawn.
Wendell W
Ottawa, ON

Your Christmas Decor installers got right to the top of our tree and did a great job. Thank you and we hope to win the neighbourhood contest this year again.
Janet S
Kanata, ON

I wanted to let you know I am very happy with the work Penny, Rob, and the technicians did installing my Christmas lights. There were about five hundred people present for the ceremony, and everyone stayed for the lights to come on, even though it was raining. This is going to be an annual event for us, and everything was absolutely wonderful.
Yves M, on behalf of
Place de la Cité
Gatineau, QC

Thank you so much. I am so happy with your Christmas Decor service, and for sure for next year we will contact you again. I wish you a Merry Christmas to all of you.
Nancy B
Gatineau, QUE

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful services. As a home owner I have been more than pleased with the service your company has delivered over a number of years, the notes they leave me following their service calls, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff who have answered my questions when I call. I am so appreciative of both the Irrigation and Christmas Décor services you donate each year. As a small organization, we have limited resources and your generous support really helps and means a lot. Congratulations on building such an effective team of knowledgeable, friendly and community-minded people. You are an example of many.
Lloyd C, on behalf of
Roger's House
Ottawa, ON

I wish to express our satisfaction in dealing with you over the past years. We have always been impressed with the staff that has represented you, and the courteous manner they presented themselves and your firm.
Jack C
Ottawa, ON

The trees look great look forward to adding more next year.
Mike D
Kars ON  K0A 2E0

Very painless, professional and well done.  Love the service.
Paul B
Orleans, ON

The installers are very friendly and a pleasure to talk to.  Timely service.
Simone J
Cumberland, On
Looked great.  I really enjoyed the service and all of the compliments I received from my neighbours.
Robert  S
Vars, ON

We loved the lights.   They are so straight.  We can never do it the way you do!
Heidi L
Carp, ON

Everything looked great.  You make the service so easy.  Thank you.
Mrs B
Greely, On

The service is great every year that is why we keep coming back each Christmas.
Mr Q
Navan, ON 

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